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vibration fitness training

For many years Power Plate machines have lead the way in Vibration Training, but to-day a few companies can rival the Power Plate technology, equipment and claims, thereby also offering new dimensions in wellness solutions for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities.


What is Vibration Fitness Training

vibration fitness training

Vibration fitness consists of the user exercising on a sonic vibration platform which sends small vibrations through the body. The result of this is the stimulation of the bones, muscles, blood vessels and cells working your muscles from the inside out helping them to stretch, tone and strengthen.

The vibrations make the effect of your exercise much greater, so you can have a full workout in a fraction of the time.  With the short workouts recommended, these machines benefit people who find long periods of activity difficult, and the subtleness of the vibrations also makes these machines a key element in rehabilitation therapy.


Through the different programs vibration fitness machines offer, the benefits are suitable for the most elite athlete, the fitness enthusiast to the occasional user. They can be used to strengthen and build up damaged muscles by improving the core strength without the need for weight bearing exercise.

Again, this makes Vibration Training suitable for users with back problems and sports injuries who are looking to increase their muscle strength without putting unnecessary strain on rehabilitating injuries.  The vibration fitness machine also reduces the heavy weight lifting training needed to strengthen the muscles thus causing less strain on the joints.

Vibration Training workouts are a low impact exercise and suitable for both sexes, all fitness levels and ages. All you need to wear is loose clothing and you can do some of the sessions in bare feet or non-slip socks. You don't need a shower afterwards but in two session locations there is one should you wish. 

Supercharge your gym time

It works by transferring vibrations to selected muscles around your body, making them contract and helping them to stretch, tone and strengthen. The vibrations make the effect of your exercise much greater, so you can have a full workout in a fraction of the time.

The Vibratec Vibrabell is shaped like a conventional kettlebell weight and incorporates the latest vibration technology, making it the ideal fitness accessory to add to any vibration accelleration exercise program.



Vibration CardioTraining Sessions

Combined with a suitable cardiovascular program, Vibration CardioTraining Sessions gives you a 60 minute whole body gym workout in less than 30 minutes.

Beginners hold poses such as lunges, squats, crunches on the vibrating platform, so your body engages nearly 100% of all muscle fibres to keep you stabilised. Your muscles contract and relax 30-50 times a second, hence the high speed training.  

I will instruct you throughout the sessions  to make sure you have a safe and effective workout.  High-speed vibration training means that you can work out your whole body in a 15 minute Personal Training session and then… get on with your day.

Look what these sessions can do for you:

  • Greatly improves muscle strength and tone.
  • Encourages muscle growth.
  • Significantly improves core muscle strength & overall posture.
  • Speeds weight loss and reduces cellulite. (Results greatly enhanced when following a daily weight management eating plan)
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation: muscles and major organs function more effectively as a result of the increase in oxygen and nutrients being delivered, and more toxins being released and eliminated.
  • Increases flexibility and range of movement.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Build bone density and help prevent osteoporosis.
  • Boost performance and stamina.
  • Enhance relaxation and overall wellbeing.
  • Stimulates and boosts the nervous and immune systems.
  • Helps in speeding up the healing process from injuries and other physical and emotional trauma.
  • Boosts the release of the happy hormone Serotonin
  • A reduction in the stress hormone Cortisol - High and more prolonged levels of Cortisol in the bloodstream (like those associated with chronic stress) have been shown to have negative effects in the body.

Peta Bee The Guardian, Thursday 28 Sep 2006 - Article history

'Within the medical world, there is growing acceptance of various types of vibration machines for the treatment of cerebral palsy, osteoporosis, chronic pain and back injuries. Specialists treating people with spinal injuries and multiple sclerosis at the Royal National Orthopaedic hospital in Stanmore, Middlesex, have had some promising results using Vibration Plates.

Not Forgetting the Men...

Fellers, Vibration Training  is not just for gals... oh no!

If you want to enjoy the benefits of accelerated training spending less time in the gym leaving you with more time to show it all off, then step on the plate.  


Whole Body Vibration Training.

There's nothing quite like it and you'll love it!


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