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Water is the most common substance on the planet. It is also the most abundant and essential substance in the human body and yet many people do not understand the importance of a well-hydrated body, nor how much water is lost during the day. 

On average an adult body weight is nearly 70% water (about 12 gallons). This would demonstrate that water occupies, by far, the greatest portion of what is you and yet despite this evidence, too many people are dehydrated.

I believe that we should look at our body composition as a model for what we consume. Therefore as our bodies are made up of an enormous amount of water, then followed by muscle, fat, then trace carbohydrates and other elements, our eating should reflect this composition to maintain the balance.

Lean muscle contains much more water compared to body fat, thus the more muscle you have, the leaner you are, the higher the proportion of water in your body. Water contains no calories, yet every cell, tissue and organ, and almost every life-sustaining body process needs water to function.

I honestly believe that being dehydrated may be the primary reason so many people fail to lose weight. The body only gives up fat in a healthy way when all nutrient requirements including water are satisfied. Thus, if the body is in essence traumatized by not having enough fluid, you cannot expect it to allow you to lose fat. Your body simply will not let you do it easily.

For regular exercisers, maintaining a constant supply of water in the body is essential to performance. Dehydration leads to muscle fatigue and loss of coordination.  Even small amounts of water loss may hinder performance.  To prevent dehydration, exercisers must drink before, during and after the workout. 

Fluid Balance and Replenishment. It is important to drink even before signs of thirst appear. Thirst is a signal that your body is already on the way to dehydration. It is important to drink more than thirst demands and to continue to drink throughout the day.

One way to check your hydration level is to check the colour of your urine. The colour should be light to clear unless you are taking supplements, which will darken the colour for several hours after consumption. Water is the best fluid replenisher for all individuals, although sports drinks may replace lost electrolytes after high-intensity exercise exceeding 45 to 90 minutes. Both caffeine and alcohol can have a diuretic effect, so be sure to compensate for this additional water loss.


Ice Water. High water intake reduced fat deposits and rids the body of toxins. Simply drinking eight 16oz glasses of water throughout the day, cooled to 40 Fahrenheit, will burn 200 calories; that's equivalent to running 3 miles! Ice water will burn more calories since the bodys metabolism will increase to warm the water to body temperature.  It is also very effective for reducing cravings.  Don't drink ice water with meals as it dilutes digestive enzymes.


Green Tea

Green Tea (Iced or Hot). Studies have shown that green teas that contain both Cannatic Extract and Gymnemic Acid, reduce absorption of sugar into the blood, and lessen the craving for sweets.

Most importantly, green tea inhibits the action of amylase, a primary digestive enzyme of carbohydrates and therefore moves food quicker through the digestive system, raising the metabolism and therefore burning more calories.


Green tea is best consumed before a meal to aid digestion. Other advantages include links to cancer prevention and health benefits for people with diabetes.   


As we age our bodies dry out. Our total body water goes down and our skin becomes dry and cracked. Our bodies are in desperate need of hydration and as we age we tend to drink less water, thus compounding the problem.

Don't get old before your time.




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