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Funded Projects 2013


Philippians 2 : 4 ESV

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.


“Baileys Health & Fitness are committed to supporting CARE International UK's on a regular basis, through loans and promoting the work of CARE International.   We can appreciate how hard and frustrating it can be running a small business, and know how important it is to gain access to finances and support to get a business up and running.

The  is very innovative in helping those in developing countries gain access to some of these resources, to help the local Entrepreneurs get started, and so we feel very passionate about giving these families the opportunity to make a better life for themselves."

To find out more about how YOU can also help to transform lives right now, visit

Starting another year,  here are the Entrepreneurs we are helping or have helped:




Nov Seth

Nov Seth is 37 years old and married with two children, aged 13 and 10 years old, both of them are at school.

Currently they live in Battambang province. He produces wet season rice in around four hectares and gets two and half tons of rice per hectare.

In addition, he has another plot of land of around one hectare in which he produces dry season rice, getting about four tons. 

He has decided to ask for a 18 month loan loan to purchase a small truck to deliver rice.  The income he will get will be around $50 for per delivery.  The profits generated in this way will mean more money for the household everyday expenses and in particular for the children’s education.  He also intends to put some money aside for next year’s rice seeds.



Mouhamadou Boukani

Mouhamadou Boukani is a mechanic. He lives in Atakpamé with his wife and their 4 children.  Mouhamadou’s first 3 children are enrolled in school. His wife is a retailer.

Mouhamadou started working as a professional mechanic in 1998. He repairs cars and motorcycles. He also sells vehicles spares. Mouhamadou’s activity requires a significant capital to fund tools and parts needed.

Mouhamadou hopes that credit will be decisive in the development of his business and that he will one day open a large garage. Mouhamadou’s priority remains to ensure the education of his children.



Sarou Thim

Sarou Thim is 43 years old and she produces cassava on around 4,800 square metres.

She spends most of the year looking after her cassava and she produces around six tonnes of cassava to sell. When she is not farming her cassava she works for other villagers helping them to harvest their cassava and she can earn around $2.5 a day doing this. To ensure she is able to produce on her land this year she has decided to take out a twelve month loan in order to purchase cassava stems to plant, insecticide, weed killer and to pay for additional labour to help her prepare her land.

This is the first time she has asked for a loan from lendwithcare but she has been a member of the local microfinance organisation for some time.

Sarou has a plan to purchase more farming land to grow cassava on in the future since this business provides her with a better income than both rice or green bean farming. The profits she makes from producing cassava, she uses to cover her children’s education and her family’s daily expenses.



Reynaldo Cumuyos & Family

Reynaldo Cumuyos is a 39 year old farmer who employs three close relatives to work with him.  He runs a small farm in Nueva Ecija province. His wife is Lorna, 32 year old looks after the house and their children aged 5 and 2.

Reynaldo and his workers produce high quality of rice grains and sell their output to wholesalers in the public market. For the past 20 years, his fertile land has been the main source of income for his family and those of his workers. Because of the quality of their harvests, they manage to have regular buyers who buy the products at a reasonable price. Reynaldo gives his workers proper compensation, cover his costs and keeps some of his profits for the next harvest season costs.

His latest loan of 60,000 Philippine pesos from the microfinance organisation, Alalay sa Kaunlaran, has been recently completed. He is in need of a slightly lower amount of loan worth $1050 (40,000 Philippine pesos) to enable him to plant new rice crops this coming season and acquire fertilisers.

He believes that the continuous support of his MFI truly assist him a lot, especially in facilitating working capital for his business. He wishes to repay the loan over a period of five months. Reynaldo is looking forward to gradually increase his production of rice and hire more workers within his community. He is also saving for the education of his children.



Iralda Sarango


Iralda Sarango is 48 and married with three children, she also cares for a grandchild.

She is a butcher selling pork from a stall in the public market. She also sells seasoned sausages and lard. Iralda has had the business for around 22 years. Her husband was in the military but is now retired and spends most of his time in a smallholding growing mainly maize.

They also own their own home, although they are paying off a mortgage. Iralda buys piglets, raises them on their own land, before slaughtering and selling the meat from her own stall - it is much more profitable in this manner. She requested a loan, repayable over ten months, in order to purchase more piglets and feed for the animals.



Khalid Mehmood

Khalid Mehmood is 32 years old and has 5 family members including his 2 daughters and son. 

He is the only earning person and supports the whole family. His total income is 20,000 rupees (approx £100) per month but they are unable to compete all of their needs and expenses. He runs a small general store and has requested for a loan to buy more material like buttons, lasses, reels, gotta etc to expand his shop. By this he would earn extra Rs.5,000/- per month.

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