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The GP Referral Scheme for Inverness was

Due to lack of funding the Scheme only ran for 2 years, ending in September 2004 even though it proved to be well received with effective and successful outcomes.


Even though the official scheme has ended, you can now self-refer by using the Contact Page or seek advice via your own GP.


Bailey’s Health & Fitness

GP Exercise Referral Programme  (BHF GP ERP)

The BHF GP ERP aims to help people who are currently inactive to become regular participants in physical activety. 

The Referral Programme provides a pathway of physical activity to assist in the prevention and management of chronic disease. The pathway offers practical advice and support up to 12 weeks, to encourage health behaviour modification and retention of an active lifestyle.


Who would benefits from the Scheme?

Exercise can play a key role in assisting post-operative recovery, mobility, insomnia, back pain and weight loss, as well as improving mood, self-esteem,  strength and fitness. In addition, research has proven that regular exercise can improve a broad range of other physical and psychological medical conditions eg;


Is BHF GP ERP scheme for me?

The programme may be appropriate for you if:

• You are not currently regularly physically active but you are thinking about becoming more active.

• You are doing some activity but would like to do more and feel additional advice and support would help you.

• You have been advised to become more active, eg by your GP, Practice nurse or physiotherapist, but you really don't know where to start.



The cost is between £20 - £28 per session. 

Specific information on cost and session content can only be given once the consultation has taken place. 

All sessions will initially be on a one2one basis located at Linda’s private PT Studio, Avoch.


Please use the contact page to book your consulation or ring direct on 077 6969 3993.










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