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Clients' Comments


LINDA BAILEY – A VERY BIG THANK YOU  (Comments taken from Weight Management Programme page)

I just want to say a very big thank you Linda for agreeing to mentor me during my journey to lose weight and keep fit.  You were very enthusiastic from the minute we spoke on the phone and you convinced me you could help where others failed, as you had a different approach to tackling weight.

You were always professional and extremely helpful and checking my daily diary encouraged me so much.  Our weekly keep fit sessions were set to my ability and the different sets of exercises were set to push me that bit further.  I do not have these awful sugar cravings I had every single day and the amount of food I now eat has been cut quite considerably.  You keep me motivated and on target to reach my goal weight.

The important thing is you made me understand how I need to reduce my body fat percentage and increase muscle and I know you will be there to help me reach the weight I want to be and most importantly maintain.

I was so fortunate to have met you as you have turned my life around.

Joan McD – Nairn – July 2012



THANK YOU LINDA!    (Comments taken from Weight Management Programme page) 

I was looking forward to going to Linda to gain some control back into my eating habits and was hoping she could help curb my chocolate cravings.

I was very motivated after our first session and Linda helped me to understand where I had been gone wrong in the past.  I find the eating plan easy to follow and never feel hungry.

I was pleased with my first week's weight loss of 5lbs.  I continued losing weight at a steady pace but felt the inches coming off faster.

After the first six weeks I felt I hit a wall and my motivation left me.  After speaking to Linda she advised to work through it for two weeks.  I struggled during this time, but stuck with it and was encouraged by Linda's supportive texts.  I felt much happier after this and have remained on track since then.

I have lost almost a stone since May but feel the inch loss has been more successful.

At first I felt I was on a diet but now these are my permanent eating habits and I no longer crave chocolate!  I still like wine but only treat myself at weekends and look forward to it.  I try to stick to the 80/20 rule although sometimes it may be 70/30 and have maintained my weight loss for three months now.

Thank you Linda!  I would highly recommend you to anyone needing a little push in the right direction.

Bev M  -  Invergordon  –  October 2012



Kris - 41 years old - Ross-Shire

I have only been with Linda now for a few weeks, but I am VERY impressed with her knowledge and how she talks to you so you can  understand everything. She has a very understanding nature, and makes you feel very at ease. I know all of us, (don't lie) were probably very nervous about talking to a personal trainer, and wondering what we were in for lol. She immediately made me feel welcome and I felt after the first day that I knew we would get somewhere.

I have lost weight, and am already noticing things improving in the way my clothes fit by doing the things she has set for me, and by following her guidance I know I will finally reach my original goal. She really knows what she's doing, and I have learned so much already about the mistakes I had made before, and I will use what I have learned from her about food, and attitude towards myself for the rest of my life.

Many many thanks Linda, I know we will get there.

LINDA'S COMMENTS:  Thank you Kris, and yes we will get there!

Fran Tilbrook - 67 years old

"I'm not sure how long I've been coming to Linda's small group classes - must be a few years now - and I can't imagine doing without that regular slot because I'm not good at exercising at home on my own, despite my best intentions.

Linda has a lovely manner which is encouraging, positive, firm, yet understanding. If you simply can't hold the right-angled crouch position for a full minute on the VT, she doesn't make you feel a failure for easing up, as long as you carry on and do your best.

I'm beginning to lose fat around my middle, tightening my belt quite a bit since I started. My arms are definitely stronger, too, courtesy of all the exercises using weights of various shapes and sizes.

If in doubt, give it a go: it's not as daunting as going to a gym; the classes are small and friendly and you see results!"

LINDA'S COMMENTS: It has been a few years Fran, 3 or 4 I think but regardless of the ups and downs you've stuck at it and constantly reaping all the benefits that a regular exercise routine gives.     Thank you for your comments and thank you for sticking with me all this time, its a real pleasure working with you.

Verity Walker, Heritage Consultant, Fortrose, 48 years old.

Linda has been working with me to improve my fitness for two years now.  I was sick of feeling heavy, a bit miserable and exhausted all the time.  For the first six weeks I saw her frequently and kept a food diary.  This has changed the way I eat completely and I find consuming more protein, fruit and veg and fewer bulk carbohydrates (i.e. potato, bread, pasta, white rice) suits me really well.  I now see her once or twice a month.  It’s the best money I have ever spent.

My objective was never really to lose weight (but I have) - rather to feel fitter and have more energy (which I do).  It has also increased my self-confidence.  I am now happy to walk into any gym and start using the equipment, have started running (albeit quite slowly for now) and even entered the parents’ race at sports day.  Ok, I still came last, but not by much, I was probably 10 years older than anyone else running, and I wasn’t puffing and panting afterwards like some of the spring chickens either!  

So if you’re swithering I say – give it a try.   What have you got to lose (except a few pounds, mood swings and a whole cupboard full of tatties, pasta and bread?)... 

LINDA'S COMMENTS: Thank You Verity.  You have worked really hard to get to where you are today.  Your enthusiasm and willingness to learn has been a key factor.  You were unsure about some of the things I was asking you to do and you trusted me and did them and the main one was starting to run and look at you now, you run every day.  It doesn't have to be long and hard but it does have to be done on a regular basis.  Thank you for your trust and for your custom.


Single Mother with Two Young Children - Inverness (Feb 09)

Having lost a couple of stone post-baby, I was keen to firm up but knowing that I had little staying power when it came to gyms I decided that a personal trainer was the best route to take.  I had read Linda's articles in the ITC and her approach to not only exercise but life really appealed to me so I gave her a call.

From the outset I found her encouraging, refreshingly honest and I really got the impression that she cared about your progress. Having said that she did not bully, demean or nag!  My situation was slightly different in that as a single mother of two young children I could not easily access gym equipment on a regular basis, but with that in mind, Linda devised a programme I could do at home completely around my needs.

It has been a little while since I last saw Linda as, as so often happens life gets in the way. In that time I have had a couple of friendly emails asking about my progress but certainly no hard-sell to come back! But I will go back and I would recommend Linda's services to anyone needing a helping hand to get back in shape!

LINDA'S COMMENTS:  With 2 young children to look after, I am still surprised you managed to maintain the programme I set you.  I remember how we even incorporated the children into the programme so they too would be exercising with you, so it was a great family affair.  Your comments are received with grace.  It make me feel proud that I was able to help and support you.  Keep up the good work.  Little and often is the key and dont give yourself a hard time if you miss a day or so.  Thats Life!

Gill Betts, Finance Director - Hawco VW - Inverness

When I first walked into the gym and encountered Linda my rather cynical opinion of personal trainers was that they exist to massage the egos’ of people with more money than sense. Unfortunately for Linda she was asked to show me around, and I must confess to spending the next 10 minutes wondering how I was going to get rid of this larger than life character and get on with a work out.  Linda’s natural enthusiasm and knowledge quickly transformed my opinion however, and I’ve now been working with her for the last 9 months.

In that time through the use of food diaries, structured training plans, lots of encouragement, some uncompromising discussions about my irregular eating habits and somewhat gung ho approach to exercise, my life has been transformed. My eating habits have improved, daily headaches are a thing of the past, I’ve achieved my weight loss goals safely, feel energised, happier and am fit enough to enjoy my dressage riding again. Thank you Linda!

Linda is currently helping me prepare for a 14 day walking/cycling trip in Transylvania, and whilst the daily exercise plan she comes up with is tough, it’s well thought out, and she is always happy to answer questions and give support.  I was rather mortified when she told me I had to start wearing my rucksack and boots to the gym, but knew there was no point in arguing as her quiet determination would win through in the end, and I’m sure by the end of my trip I’ll be glad I listened. So if you want to lose weight, prepare for an event or simply get fitter, I would not hesitate to recommend Linda.  If you are prepared to put in the work, and give what she tells you a go, you will achieve your goals and have a lot of fun along the way.

LINDA'S COMMENTS: Embarrassing… but comments like this definitely make a person feel good.  Thank you Gill for the comments and also for the privilege of having you as a client.  Even though you work long hours you still managed to fit in your training which I know wasnt always easy.  So credit goes to you too and just look at the pay off!!!   Awesome!


Hector Mackenzie, Editor, Ross-shire Journal
I first encountered Linda on a cold winter’s afternoon whilst in pursuit of an article for Ross-shire’s best-selling weekly newspaper.  In the course of that first chat I formed the impression of a personal trainer who could probably motivate a snail to sprint.  
More significant, though, she struck me as a decent human being happy to use her gifts to help others. We got chatting about health and fitness and I confessed to feeling a bit scunnered about having put on weight. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. Truth be told, at the turn of 2008 I was the heaviest I had ever been. Okay for some but not for me. An inner voice usually tells you when something’s not quite right. Mine wasn’t so much an inner voice as an inner yell.
Linda laid down a gauntlet of sorts and offered to train me. I felt motivated from the get go, and that has to be good. I realized that it’s okay to ask for help (men in particular tend to have a problem with this). In the past I’d been extremely skeptical of personal trainers and those who use them. I thought: what’s so hard about just getting on with it? But that’s the thing: it actually IS pretty hard for most of us. Turns out that a bit of guidance – good guidance – can be worth its weight in gold.

Exercise is addictive. Happily, it’s also pretty good for you, unlike many other addictive activities. The other major factor in the overall equation is food and that’s another area where Linda can help out. The website she referred me to was something of a revelation in itself.

I’m not saying you’ll ENJOY everything she asks you to do. I still have cold sweats recalling my attempts to balance on one of those outsized balls you only ever see in gyms. But barely a session goes by that I don’t also have a really good laugh – smiling through the pain!

With Linda’s guidance and no-nonsense approach, free weights have become my favourite form of exercise – inconceivable when we started out back in January.
All the effort in the world won’t necessarily help if you don’t know where you’re going. Linda B has the ability to tease out where it is you want to go (in terms of weight, health or general fitness) and then show you how to get there.
(For what it’s worth, I’ve blogged on my experiences with Linda starting out in January. It starts, so far as I can recall, round about here:
LINDA'S COMMENTS:  You picked up the gauntlet, ran with it and we have just a few steps to go before you have met the challange and with your dedication and drive Im sure you will supercede your own expectations.  It has been a great experience working with you Hector.  Your Blog and comments are helping me no end, a WIN,WIN situations -  Many Thanks!
Jenny F - Rosemarkie - 80 years old

Having struggled to lose weight for years, I decided about two years ago to give Linda's program a try. I thought a month or two would set me right, but here I am still attending almost every week. Over these two years, Linda has encouraged me and motivated me to keep my fitness level high, or at least as high as my advanced age would allow, and I am grateful to her.  The sessions are enjoyable and varied enough so that boredom is kept at bay and I have had great benefit from them. Thank you, Linda, you're doing a great job.

LINDA'S COMMENTS: I cant believe that I've been training Jenny for 2 years, time has definaetely flown.  Jenny's great and a joy to train.  She will have a go at anything I suggest and thats why she is fit, willing and more than able.  Some areas go better then others but Jenny doesnt give up.  She may be 80 but she'd give a 60 year old a good run for their money.  You are an inspiration to me Jenny, thank you for your  comments and custom.


Mary Perrins - Beauly - 59 years old 

I began training with Linda after a protracted period of ill-health that left me very unfit.  I knew that if Linda was considered “safe enough” to take GP referrals that I would be in good hands with her.  As expected, Linda started me off very gently and with much encouragement and support she gradually helped me build up my fitness levels.  One of my greatest achievements with Linda was learning how to run as I had never done this before– asthma during childhood had made me hate running as I always ended up wheezing!  I even took part in a 5kms road run and joined a running group!  I trained with Linda for over 2 years and despite several setbacks was able to maintain my fitness levels.  Linda was a huge source of encouragement and support during these setbacks and I am forever grateful to her.  Although I no longer train with Linda I have a much better understanding of how to structure my exercise programmes and I continue with my workouts.  I am a volunteer with “Riding for the Disabled” and when I am leading a horse for a disabled rider I am so proud that at nearly 60 I can run alongside the horse and get it into a fast trot for the rider! 

LINDA'S COMMENTS:  Thank you so much Mary.  It makes you think back doesnt it and how far you have come, well done to you too.  You seem to be maintaining your fitness especially with the voluntry work - sound very energetic.  Your like a bird thats flown the nest and look at you now!!


Female Client - Inverness

When I was first introduced to Linda through the GP referral scheme, I was at my lowest ebb health-wise. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) was causing insidious weight gain that I just couldn’t control, despite a fairly active job. On top of this, the PCOS had probably also caused the adult-onset asthma, pernicious anaemia and gallstones from which I was suffering. It was a challenge getting me out of bed, let alone into a gym!

I had always thought personal training was about ‘the burn’ so I was pretty apprehensive about what was going to be involved. But I needn’t have worried! Linda took my ability and all of my medical conditions into account, and came up with an exercise plan that suited me, my lifestyle and my abilities. When I had an emergency operation to have my gallbladder removed, it wasn’t long before Linda was on the phone encouraging me to get back into exercise and regain some mobility. I’ve also found food diaries I really useful tool – there is nothing like someone independent looking at what you eat to make you realise how rubbish your diet is! I have now found that a low-carb diet really helps keep my weight & blood sugar levels under control.

Three years later I feel like I am making some real progress. I have to confess to not always being consistent in my efforts, but Linda is always there when I want to get back on track. One thing I have really appreciated from Linda is her constant encouragement and support. Although I only have formal sessions with her once a month, she is always happy to answer any silly questions I send by email!

Weight loss will always be difficult for me because of the PCOS, but it is now under control – I have lost 1.5 stone, and I now have learnt what I need to do if it starts to creep on again. I still have some way to go to get where I want to be weight & fitness wise, but I know that I am on my way there…

LINDA'S COMMENTS: When I finished reading your comments I had the biggest smile on my face ever.  My job is almost done.  I wish this for all my clients, going from lack of hope to full blown hope eternal.  It most definately has to be a mind change and you have it, you've done it, set backs or not you will get what you aim for, and not only in this area, but it will seep into other areas of your life. Many Thanks.

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